From top to bottom, we’ve thought of everything to provide the best possible carpet solution for asthma and allergy sufferers.

By including advanced technologies such as Ultrafresh, Odourban and Easybac, we have developed a carpet that provides a healthier, more comfortable home environment, especially for asthma and allergies sufferers.

Carpet Colour Swatches*

All colours available in 36, 50 or 70oz pile weights

*Due to the diference in computer and device screens the carpet colours displayed may not represent the carpet colours accurately. Visit your nearest Asthmaban distributor to view the carpet samples.

Raw Umber
Night Sky


Ultrafresh is proven, tested by regulatory bodies and trusted worldwide to effectively control bacteria, fungi, mould & mildew, algae and house dust mites. Ultrafresh provides your family with a healthier home environment to help everyone enjoy cleaner air.


Odourban is an advanced treatment, integrated into the carpet to absorb and neutralize odours including ammonia, nicotine, hydrogen sulphide and formaldehyde, that can trigger allergies and asthma. It is self renewing to purify and freshen the air and withstands repeated cleaning.


Easybac is constructed from 80% recycled material. It provides added comfort, and thermal and acoustic insulation properties. This carpet backing system minimises risk of damage to painted surfaces during installation, unlike traditional carpet backing products that have rough surfaces.


Asthmaban carpet is supported by a 15 year: limited wear, anti-static, anti-zippering and fade warranty. Click here for our ‘carpet care, cleaning, maintenance and warranty handbook’ for more detail.